Week 2 – Safeguarding, Prevent and Extremism – Level 3

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Welcome to Week 2 of your e-Tutorial. 

This week we are going to be exploring Safeguarding, Prevent and Extremism. 

At Bridgend College we are committed to our duty of care, ensuring that all students are kept safe from harm. This could consist of abuse, neglect or radicalisation.

By the end of this e-Tutorial you will:

  • Recognise our safeguarding responsibility to you, and how we achieve this.
  • Identify the work of PREVENT, it’s objectives and processes.
  • Explore ways of seeking support, and reporting any concerns to the college.

We will be covering sensitive topics, and you may wish to reach out to our Student Wellbeing Team. Contacting the team will be covered in the first topic, but also highlighted throughout this week’s course.