Week 13 – Individual Liberty – Level 1

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This week we are exploring one of the key areas of British Values: Individual Liberty. 

Already, without realising we demonstrate Individual Liberties on a daily basis, and these liberties we very often take for granted. 

Today, in 21st Century Britain, we enjoy many individual liberties that have been fought for over centuries. 


  • Our freedoms to vote for whoever we like
  • Our rights to be able to move around the world freely
  • Our rights to free speech
  • And our ability to spend time with anyone we choose.

These have all been developed over time, with a few important milestones along the way.

Most significantly, the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, which included rights like the freedom from arrest with no reason. 

Another important step was the 1689 Bill of Rights, which set down the freedom from “cruel and unusual punishment” and the freedom to protest, among other freedoms.

Slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1833, women were given the right to vote in 1918, while sex between men was decriminalised in 1967 to name just a few. 

But what is Individual Liberty and where does it all mean? 

This week you will:

  • Recall information we have previously learnt on British Values
  • Summarise what individual liberty means to you and why it is important
  • Understsnd how we can practice our individual liberty safely and within the confines of the law