Week 16 – Physical Health – Level 2

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This weeks eTutorial is going to focus on Physical Activity. 

January is prime time for Gyms, Leisure Centres and other Fitness based organisations, as we all set our resolutions to be trimmer, slimmer, leaner and just that bit more healthy… 

But does it have to be all that hard work? 

Now, we all know that Physical Activity has its benefits, and we most probably already know most of them, so we won’t spend too much time on that.

However, we are going to cover some great ways for you to improve the amount of physical activity you do, how we as a college can help you improve your physical activity, and finally some of the great partners we work with to support you.

In this weeks eTutorial you will:

  • Consider your own physical activity habits
  • Understand how physical activity helps you
  • Test out a physical activity that you can do from your desk or anywhere.