Week 17 – Crime & Prevention – Level 2

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This week’s e-Tutorial is focusing on Crime and Crime Prevention. 

You told us that you want to know more about safety and how to prevent crime in your community, so this week we are focusing on just that.

Crime and Criminal behaviours can be seen across every inch of society in some way, shape or form. 

However, each crime or behaviour has different severities, types and of course the reasonings.

As our societies change so do the crimes.

Over recent years, we have seen a huge increase in the number of cyber crimes as new and emerging technologies are exploited for criminal use. 

One thing that always stays the same with crime and criminal behaviour is that as they happen, we learn more about that activity, and understand how to prevent the actions; which is why we must always stay current on the latest best practices. 

Learning to prevent crime is the best way any community can help stop crimes in their areas, protecting themselves, families and others from the devastating impact it has.

This week you will:

  • Understand the impacts of safeguards we put in place towards our security
  • Identify best practices towards crime and prevention measures
  • Consider your own concerns in your area