Week 18 – Core Skills Catch Up & Skills Check in – Level 2

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Core Skills Graphic, displaying each core skill.

At the beginning of term you were introduced to lots of things that Bridgend College do to help you succeed. 

This included introductions to Skills and Skills Coaches. 

This week’s e-Tutorial we will be re-focusing on The 9 Core Skills, and the digital badges, as well as reminding ourselves how they help us throughout college life, but more importantly after. 

This week you will:

  • Re-identify Bridgend College Core Skills
  • Understand their impact on your future
  • Consider how you can use them as your continue at Bridgend College

We are also going to be rewarding your progress through e-Tutorials with a Digital Badge. 

At the end of this e-Tutorial make sure you complete the quiz to claim your badge in Personal Effectiveness – Learn on the Go!