Week 25 – Prevent & Extremism – Level 1

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Welcome to Week 25 of eTutorial! This year has flown by, and in just 5 more modules you will have completed eTutorial for 2021/22.

This module we are going to be covering PREVENT and Extremism, something we covered during the start of eTutorial.

During this eTutorial you will:
Compare and summarise Extremism and it’s areas
Identify common Extremist Ideologies or Agendas.
Outline ways of gaining support for yourself and others

Trigger Warning
This topic contains references, discussions and observations to Extremism and Terrorist Organisations. Throughout the module you will learn about violent behaviours, and follow true stories of Radicalisation.

If you would like to reach out for support, the wellbeing team are available daily.


If you are affected by any of the content in this unit, reach out to our Student Wellbeing Team or head to a Drop In and have a chat to a Wellbeing Officer:

Drop In – 12-2pm every day at the Wellbeing hubs

Email: Wellbeing@bridgend.ac.uk

Call: 01656 302302 Ext. 488