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Welcome to Week 26 of eTutorials. 

This week we are focusing on Law. 

Rules, sanctions and conducts can be seen everywhere, and we are always taught from a young age that we should follow set or given rules. 

Law, or the Rule of Law in the UK is the framework that underpins open, fair and peaceful societies, where citizens and businesses can prosper.

Most of the time, when we speak about Laws and or Law and Order, we often refer to the prevention of crime. 

Many laws are there to help prevent or deter crime, but it is not its prime or only purpose.

This week you will: 

  • Explore the rule of law and how it applies to you
  • Summarise the effect this has on you and your community
  • Outline key laws that impact you.

Alongside this, we will introduce you to laws that are vital to you as you move through your life.