Week 7 – Sexting, Grooming and Relationships Online – Level 2 & 1

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Using and accessing the internet is now part of our daily routines. 

We use the internet for connecting with friends, buying new clothes, for managing our money, and even for getting advice and guidance. 

It makes our lives easy. Every user has the ability to do whatever they choose online, and often this results in positive action. 

Revolutionising how we live, work, communicate, share and learn and it is only going to get bigger and better. 

How many online accounts do you have? 

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This week you will:

  • Identify the risks of relationships online
  • Recognise when you or somebody else is being groomed online
  • and Understand who and where you can go to gain support.


As good as the internet is, we must remember there are some things about the Internet that are not always good.  In fact, for every benefit listed above, there is a drawback. 

The easier access to information opens the door for more misinformation. For all the ease of banking, shopping, and communication there are threats looking to steal resources and personal information for profit. For every like-minded person you meet, you meet all manners of Internet trolls and other undesirable people.

This week we are going to be looking into some of the things we need to know and protect ourselves against when online. 

We will be covering subjects that can be upsetting and uncomfortable for some, and if at any point during this e-Tutorial you need support, or feel you need to speak to someone. 

Remember the Wellbeing team are at hand or speak to your tutor.

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