This week we are going to be focusing on the Rule of Law. We see laws everywhere, and in a modern britain we may feel like there is a law that covers nearly everything. However, the rule of law protects and safeguards not only our health, wellbeing and safety but our rights and freedoms too.

Check out some of the laws that affect you, and that will be handy as you go through your life.

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Covid-19 Update:

From Monday 14 March, our messaging will move from the mandatory requirement for face coverings to be worn when moving around communal areas of campuses, to face covering being optional.

We will continue to;

  • Provide face coverings for those wishing to wear one

  • Monitor and record staff and learner infection rates

  • Provide an enhanced cleaning schedule

  • Provide hand sanitiser in communal spaces

  • Use signage on screens to remind everyone about staying safe

  • Provide lateral flow tests whilst stocks last (we will no longer be able to order these)

Student Services Insights Survey

Student Services Insights Survey

Student Services are undertaking a student Survey to gather insights into how you use Student Services and your needs.

Your feedback in this survey is vital in our efforts to continue to improve the service, and support you on your educational journey with Bridgend College.

The Big Easter Quiz

Take part in this fun quiz to find out more about enterprising Easter ideas and you could win a £25 Amazon voucher. If any of the questions inspire you to try out an idea or start your own business please email Ruth Rowe to arrange an informal chat-

The closing date is 24th April so there’s plenty of time to enter. Good luck!

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Tutorial Notices: Week Commencing – 4th April 2022

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